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End Furniture Poverty

End Furniture Poverty is part of the FRC Group which was established in 1988 with a social mission to reduce and ultimately eradicate furniture poverty.

FRC Group is dedicated to creating social value through their not-for-profit social businesses that tackle furniture poverty, by helping those most in need to obtain the essential furniture they require to develop a good standard of living in a sustainable way.

The End Furniture Poverty campaign was introduced in 2015 to raise awareness of this often hidden problem, working with the social housing sector to develop potential solutions and championing major change to tackle the problems on a national scale. We partner with local and national organisations to advocate for families and individuals who are living without the basic essential furniture items that so many of us take for granted. Working closely with partner organisations, we signpost individuals to the relevant support organisations in their area, to ensure that no individual feels like there is no place to turn.

Our social research is used to demonstrate the devastating extent of furniture poverty on a national scale, to offer potential solutions and to drive positive change. Our research also informs our charity appeals that aim to support individuals and families living without essential items.

Furniture poverty can have a devastating impact on an individual’s physical and mental health, and their financial and social wellbeing. People can get into unmanageable debt trying to buy items, leaving them unable to buy food or pay their rent. It can lead to isolation – you are far less likely to invite family, friends or a support worker, into your home if you do not have a sofa for them to sit on.

With more and more families falling into poverty each day and struggling with the rising costs of providing or replacing essential items, we expect to see increased numbers of families living without the basic furniture needed to live. Unfortunately, it is likely that furniture poverty is going to be an ongoing issue for some time but we are here to raise awareness and help support those who are in crisis through charity appeals such as Time for Bed.

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End Furniture Poverty is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Registered charity number. 700731

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